Community Stewardship

Committed to Integrity, Committed to Communities

Gulfstream Aerospace strives to strengthen the communities where our employees live and work. We are committed to building collaborative partnerships and participating in events and programs that reflect the Gulfstream value of Integrity.


Our sustainability program has at its core our company value, Integrity. We strive to ensure that our sustainability efforts relate back to integrity in that we are conserving resources for use by future generations; we are protecting our employees and their communities; and we are continuing to improve and innovate sustainability programs to ensure positive environmental impacts.

Industry goals

Gulfstream’s sustainability efforts support industry goals established by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) and the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC). Those commitments are:

  • Carbon-neutral growth by 2020
  • Improvement in fuel-efficiency by an average of 2 percent a year until 2020
  • Reduction in total CO2 emissions by 50 percent by 2050 relative to 2005

Those objectives are expected to be achieved in four main areas: technology; infrastructure and operational improvements; alternative fuels; and market-based measures.

Alternative Fuels

Gulfstream uses renewable fuel to power its Savannah, Georgia-based demonstration aircraft as well as the Field and Airborne Support Teams aircraft. The fuel, a low-carbon, drop-in blend of renewable fuel made from agricultural waste and petroleum-based Jet-A, has less sulfur and fewer fine particle pollutants than traditional Jet-A.

Each gallon of renewable fuel burned is meant to achieve a more than 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions relative to petroleum Jet-A on a life cycle basis. The life cycle begins when the agricultural source becomes waste, continues through the refining process and ends with the fuel burn. The renewable fuel meets the strict sustainability requirements of both the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the internationally recognized Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB).

Gulfstream is the first business aircraft manufacturer to use renewable fuel in daily operations and considers these efforts to be significant steps in meeting Gulfstream’s sustainability goals. Gulfstream plans to offer renewable fuels to customers at its Savannah facility once appropriate quantities become available.

Community InvestmentResponsible Corporate Citizenship

Gulfstream’s commitment to stewardship spans continents and oceans. Our employees and their families invest time, talent and funds in our local communities. Gulfstream supports more than 100 nonprofit organizations in the United States, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

Programs include:

Gulfstream Gives - Gulfstream partners with nonprofit organizations in its communities to support education, arts and cultural activities, environmental and sustainability efforts, and health and human services. We focus giving on groups that emphasize diversity and assist children. Giving guidelines and additional information can be found on our Grants Portal.

Gulfstream Community Volunteer Program - Gulfstream employees and their families participate in numerous events through the Gulfstream Community Volunteer Program. They gather after work and on weekends to perform beach and park cleanups, contribute to food banks, renovate homes and buildings, raise funds through road races and take part in other charitable activities to make a positive impact on their communities.

Educational Outreach

Gulfstream supports educational initiatives to cultivate the future workforce of our company and our communities.

STEM - Gulfstream promotes science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) efforts in local schools and offers regular education tours of Gulfstream facilities. The initiative raises awareness of and sparks interest in Gulfstream career paths. Our employees engage with teachers and students through STEM activities, such as robotics and maker clubs.

STARBASE - Gulfstream partners with the U.S. Department of Defense to sponsor week-long camps for fifth-grade students at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, Georgia. The program offers “hands-on, mind-on” activities meant to spark student interest in STEM programs. Students interact with military personnel by working on computers, flying aircraft simulators and participating in other hands-on activities.

Job Shadow Day - Gulfstream welcomes employees’ children to the Dallas, Texas, campus annually for two days of job experiences. Activities include wiring the avionics for a model aircraft, working with sheet metal, making a sales pitch and visiting Dallas Love Field’s control tower.

Walk In My Boots Program - Gulfstream invites high school juniors from Westfield Vocational Technical School to tour the Westfield, Massachusetts, service center and shadow the facility’s technicians for a day. Walk In My Boots is a Federal Aviation Administration initiative aimed at exposing students to aircraft maintenance.

The Building for Kids Children's Museum - Gulfstream sponsors the Appleton, Wisconsin, museum that strives to build imagination, creativity and confidence in young children. The Gulfstream Jet interactive exhibit allows children to experience flight as an air traffic controller, pilot and passenger. Locals are admitted free to the museum on “Gulfstream Days” throughout the year. Approximately 115,000 children visit the museum annually.

Youth Apprentice Program - Gulfstream offers apprenticeships to high school students interested in highly skilled occupations at our sites in Brunswick, Dallas, Long Beach, California and Savannah. The program links school-based learning with firsthand experience. Students work at Gulfstream during their junior and senior years. Many program alumni have gone on to full-time employment with Gulfstream.

Student Leadership Program - Gulfstream created and launched this community initiative, bringing community members and businesses together. The program encourages higher grades, lifelong learning and personal development for high school students. The Student Leadership Program is currently in Appleton, and Brunswick and Savannah. The program provides skills and life experiences meant to benefit students following high school graduation. The program currently boasts 950 students from 12 high schools.

WEST MICHIGAN AVIATION ACADEMY - Gulfstream partners with West Michigan Aviation Academy to help foster future aviation leaders. The high school, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, strives to prepare students for successful aviation careers. The Gulfstream Aerospace Scholarship, valued at $60,000, is awarded to one graduating senior who enrolls in an aviation-related career path at an accredited college or university each year.

Ethics and ComplianceIntegrity Above All

Gulfstream’s commitment to ethics is reflected in our business practices. Our value, Integrity, serves as our moral compass, guiding our people, processes and services. Gulfstream leaders work to strengthen our culture by:

  • Establishing processes for people to ask for advice and guidance and resolve regulatory compliance questions
  • Developing and providing ethics and leadership educational materials and awareness programs
  • Investigating and resolving suspected misconduct

Gulfstream’s efforts reflect those of General Dynamics, our parent company. General Dynamics’ ethics program dates to 1986 and the guidelines outlined in the company’s Standards of Business Ethics and Conduct handbook apply to all Gulfstream employees.

Gulfstream offers an Ethics Helpline with a range of tools and resources, including secure web reporting. The helpline is a way for people to ask questions, get advice, report ethics concerns or follow up on ongoing matters in an anonymous or confidential manner.

Award-Winning Aircraft And Support

Gulfstream Field and Airborne Support Team

Gulfstream FAST

Gulfstream Field and Airborne Support Teams are designed to ensure a swift, well-coordinated response to aircraft on ground (AOG) situations.

Gulfstream G650

Gulfstream G650

The G650 makes once-distant cities all part of a day’s work, and with the lowest pressurized cabin altitude of any business aircraft, passengers arrive feeling refreshed and ready for whatever opportunities lay ahead.

Gulfstream G550

Gulfstream G550

The Gulfstream G550 has earned many admirers, whether by winning the prestigious Robert J. Collier Trophy or by being named by owners as the best-in-value business aircraft. What’s behind the success?

Gulfstream G280

Gulfstream G280

Increased range and fast, powerful climbing ability are two ways the Gulfstream G280 outperforms its original design goals and contributes to class-leading performance.