California Supply Chains Act

Gulfstream Aerospace complies with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (Cal. Civ. Code § 1714.43) (the Act) by doing the following:

1. Verification: In connection with Gulfstream’s procedure for determining supplier quality and responsibility, all prospective suppliers are assessed by Gulfstream Procurement to determine if they are qualified and responsible. Suppliers must be able to provide all required representations and certifications pertaining to compliance with laws, including such laws regarding slavery and human trafficking in the country/countries in which they do business. In addition, Gulfstream uses the services of a third party to conduct restricted party screening. One component of the service includes screening of the Department of Homeland Security Investigations Most Wanted, which encompasses numerous categories including human trafficking/smuggling.

2. Audits: Gulfstream reserves the right to audit a supplier’s compliance with Gulfstream’s terms and conditions, including but not limited to compliance with laws. Such audits would be conducted by Gulfstream only if there were reason to believe that a supplier was not in compliance with Gulfstream’s standards against trafficking and slavery in supply chains.

3. Certifications: Gulfstream incorporates the requirements of FAR 52.222-50 Combating Trafficking in Persons (March 2015), including the certfication requirements of FAR 52.222-50(h)(5), into all Memorandum's of Agreement supporting products delivered to the United States Government which are signed between Gulfstream and the supplier.

4. Accountability: General Dynamics’ Standards of Business Ethics and Conduct ("the Blue Book") governs Gulfstream’s ethics and business standards. The Code of Ethics states, among other things, that our employees will comply with applicable laws and regulations. Human trafficking and slavery are illegal, and constitute a violation of the Blue Book by an employee or supplier. Such a violation would result in disciplinary action against the employee. Any supplier found to be engaging in slavery or human trafficking will be subject to termination.

5. Training: Gulfstream provides appropriate Procurement personnel with training on the Act and applicable federal regulations including those pertaining to human trafficking.