Aircraft Refurbishment

Lasting Impressions, Enduring Quality

Whether for corporate travel or a personal journey, a Gulfstream serves as a calling card―as confirmation that through talent, instinct and hard work, its owner has navigated to a level of success few others have attained.

Inside and out, a Gulfstream should reflect personal achievements and the intention to build on those accomplishments. Gulfstream refurbishment teams are ready to help owners imagine and craft an interior that incorporates the latest technologies and designs that symbolize who they are while creating a well-suited cabin environment, whether for pure enjoyment or to plan the next acquisition.

The Design Experience A Personal Vision, Gulfstream Precision

From floor to ceiling and the walls between, Gulfstream aircraft interiors offer thousands of possibilities to create a unique style and comfort. During every refurbishment, a regional sales manager and interior designer are assigned to the project to ensure that an owner’s desires are fulfilled and the aircraft is completed on schedule.

Each aircraft model offers multiple floorplans, which create the opportunity to configure separate cabin areas for business, entertaining or stateroom privacy.

A Gulfstream designer will help define the environment and will help select the fabrics, patterns and appointments that will make concept a beautiful reality. Using a real-time technology scanner, the designer will develop an immediate 3-D rendering of the interior created. Gulfstream design showrooms allow almost unlimited selections, whether it’s a choice of tailored carpets, hand-stitched leather for seats or exquisitely plush fabrics for the divan. Lightweight, space-saving cabinetry―offered in a range of veneers―transforms a galley, as will a stainless-steel appliance stack and the flatware and stemware that complete the dining experience.

Through it all, the refurbishment will be handled by skilled Gulfstream technicians and craftsmen, many of whom have worked their trade a minimum of 10 years and are certified in their area of specialization to earn the designation of master craftsman.

Owner vision and Gulfstream precision―a combination capable of creating something extraordinary.

Improving Sight And Sound

Dramatic cabin transformations can come from subtle improvements. Lighting is one. Incandescent, fluorescent and halogen aren’t the only options anymore. LED (light-emitting diode) lighting is longer-lasting, more efficient and, if desired, can be a softer, pinpoint illumination that is less disruptive to other passengers.

Scientific innovation also offers an opportunity to retrofit a cabin with the latest in noise-suppressing materials. Gulfstream has long been the industry leader for quiet cabins, but newer materials and Gulfstream’s in-house testing facilities have resulted in further reductions in noise levels and vibration.

Gulfstream noise suppression―think of it as a sound barrier of the quiet sort.

A High-Gloss Finish

Creating a new signature look is possible for your Gulfstream exterior, too. A Gulfstream design team can help you select exterior paints that set your aircraft apart from any other. A 15-step low-pressure paint application process results in a high-gloss, durable exterior that radiates quality and performance.

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