Auxiliary Power Units (APU)

Gulfstream remains an industry leader in technical expertise and customer support for Hamilton Sundstrand and Honeywell APU products.

Gulfstream APU shops perform all facets of APU maintenance and repair.
Gulfstream APU shops perform all facets of APU maintenance and repair.

Staffed by a team of experienced, factory-trained professionals, Gulfstream APU shops perform all facets of APU maintenance and repair. Turn time is second to none with a current average of nine days as opposed to the industry median of approximately 35. Also, as a mixed-fleet operator, you will experience the benefits of Honeywell’s authorization of heavy repairs by Gulfstream’s APU shop for almost two dozen variants of the popular 36-100, 36-150, RE-100 and RE-220 engines.

In addition to the benefits of a superior mechanical staff, the APU shop is also uniquely positioned as a fully authorized Honeywell Maintenance Service Plan (MSP), Honeywell warranty and Jet Support Services (JSSI) administrator. You will be kept up to date by our transparent processes and will feel confident knowing your investment is being handled by a team of experts. From routine transactions to the more complex, Gulfstream can guide you every step of the way.

One especially crucial element that sets Gulfstream’s APU shops apart from the rest of the industry, aside from superior quality and turn time, is the Gulfstream-owned rental bank. Another significant investment by Gulfstream to ensure operator dispatch ability, the APU rental bank is maintained to the same exacting standards as all other engines serviced by Gulfstream. To get you through significant periods of operational commitments, Gulfstream’s rental engines are proof of our commitment to you as a Gulfstream customer.

Honeywell APU

APU Model Business Aircraft Applications
36-6 Gulfstream GII
36-100A Falcon 50
36-100E Challenger 600, 601, 604
36-100G Gulfstream GII, GIII, GIV
36-100H Gulfstream GI, Raytheon 700/800
36-150BD Challenger 300
36-150CL/CX Challenger 601/604 Upgrade, Citation X
36-150EMB Embraer Legacy 450/500
36-150F/F2M/FN Falcon 7X/900/2000
36-150G/GIV Gulfstream GIV Upgrade, Gulfstream G350/G450
36-150H Raytheon Horizon
36-150IAI/IAI-2 Gulfstream G200/G280
36-150RJ Challenger 850
36-150S92 Sikorsky S-92 Helicopter
36-150W Citation VI/VII, Falcon 20, Gulfstream G100, Raytheon 800XP/850XP/900XP/900XP, SAAB 3
RE100BR Bell Helicopter
RE100CS/LJ/XL Cessna Excel, Cessna Sovereign, Gulfstream G150, Lear 45
RE220GV/GVI/GX Global Express, Gulfstream GV/G500/G550/G650

Hamilton Sundstrand APU

APU Model Business Aircraft Applications
T20G-10C3/C3A Learjet 60
T-62T-29A/B Jetstar I, Falcon 20
T-62T-39 Sabreliner 80, Jetstar I/II, Hawker 400/600/700, Falcon 20
T-62T-40C/C1 Falcon 20, Hawker 700/800, Sabreliner 65
T-62T-40C2 Jetstar II
T-62T-40C3 Falcon 200
T-62T-40C3A/C3A1 Citation 650, Falcon 50
T-62T-40C7A/C7A1 Citation 650
T-62T-40C7E2 Falcon 20
T-62T-40C8D1 Hawker 800/1000
T-62T-40C9 Falcon 20, Hawker 1000

APU Support Contacts

For more information on APU technical support and maintenance publications, visit the Repair and Overhaul Contacts Page and reach out to one of our dedicated team members.

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Technical Publications

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Gulfstream G280

Gulfstream G280

Increased range and fast, powerful climbing ability are two ways the Gulfstream G280 outperforms its original design goals and contributes to class-leading performance.

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