Gulfstream – BAF (Westfield)

The Westfield, Massachusetts, Service Center covers the Northeastern United States and performs maintenance on the Gulfstream fleet.

Located between New York City and Boston, the facility features two hangars and 210,000 square feet/19,510 square meters of work space. Gulfstream Westfield’s 225 employees can perform maintenance on up to 22 aircraft in the hangars at a time. The complex is located at the Westfield-Barnes Regional Airport (KBAF) near Springfield, Massachusetts.

For services, sales or additional information:

Main Phone: +1 413 562 5860
Fax: +1 413 562 9421
Unicom: 131.625

Fran Ahern, General Manager

Address: Gulfstream Aerospace Services Corporation
7 Char Drive
Westfield, Massachusetts 01085-1493

Airframe Support: G650ER, G650, G550, G500, GV, G450, G350, GIV-SP, GIV, G400, G300, G280, G200, G150, G100, GIII, GIIB, GII, GI, Astra-SPX, Astra-SP, Astra

Capabilities: All major inspections, avionics and interior installations and modifications, major structural modifications and repairs, spare part exchanges and sales, drop-in and AOG Field and Airborne Support Teams

Repair Station Approvals: United States (FAA), European Union (EASA), Aruba, Barbados, Bermuda, Burundi, Canada (CAA), Cayman Islands, Mexico

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Company History

Company History

All business aviation, regardless of manufacturer, traces its roots to Gulfstream. Roy Grumman, co-founder of Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation, proposed the development of a purpose-built business aircraft at World War II’s end.

Technical Operations

Technical Operations

Imagine being anywhere in the world, at any hour of the day, and with one phone call, getting expert advice from a skilled technician with years of troubleshooting experience.

Gulfstream Field and Airborne Support Team

Gulfstream FAST

Gulfstream Field and Airborne Support Teams are designed to ensure a swift, well-coordinated response to aircraft on ground (AOG) situations.

Gulfstream Service Centers

Service Centers

Gulfstream aircraft operate worldwide yet never fly beyond the reach of the company’s service network.