Government and Special Missions

Across a variety of highly specialized mission platforms, Gulfstream aircraft have a proven history of delivering superior speed, range, altitude, dispatch reliability, mission adaptability and operational capabilities under extreme conditions.

Nearly 200 Gulfstream aircraft in 37 countries operate in support of government and military service special missions, including roles as head-of-state transports, airborne early-warning systems, and in support of international atmospheric data that had never been obtainable before a specially modified Gulfstream G550 went into service.

  • Airborne Security Operations

    Airborne Security Operations

    Specially modified Gulfstream aircraft have demonstrated greater mission effectiveness and lower operating costs through extended time on mission, high cruise altitude, faster cruise speed and hot weather, high-altitude performance.
  • Head of State/Priority Transport

    Head of State/Priority Transport

    More than 40 countries across six continents have chosen Gulfstream aircraft as the essential method of transport for heads of state, high-ranking government personnel and VIPs, and as the platform for medevac programs.
  • Atmospheric Research

    Atmospheric Research

    Gulfstream aircraft play a vital role in studying atmospheric conditions and weather systems that carry short-term, localized impacts and long-range worldwide consequences.
  • Advanced Medevac

    Advanced Medevac

    Gulfstream aircraft used for VIP transport are easily adaptable for use as advanced medevac. Their low cabin altitude, quiet interiors and 100 percent fresh air filtration are ideally suited to patient transport.
  • Worldwide Mission Support

    Worldwide Mission Support

    Gulfstream aircraft earn the highest rankings for mission readiness and dispatch reliability, backed by on-site logistics and maintenance and a 24/7 worldwide Gulfstream customer support network.

More Than 50 Years of Expertise

Since 1967, Gulfstream has designed and produced a wide range of special mission aircraft. Today, more than 200 Gulfstream special mission aircraft in more than 40 countries and all five branches of the U.S. military support government and operational needs.