Gulfstream PlaneView

Advanced For Today Ready For The Future

The Gulfstream PlaneView family of flight decks represents years of research, engineering and pilot input that created and continues to advance the most sophisticated flight decks available in business aviation.

PlaneView’s large landscape displays help pilots better visualize and instantly understand their aircraft position, flight conditions and surroundings in all phases of flight. The combination of enhanced data and easy-to-use formats reduces pilot workload and improves safety.

PlaneView displays navigation charts, moving maps and real-time weather conditions alongside the primary flight display. A Gulfstream designed side-mounted Cursor Control Device (CCD) allows pilots to scroll, point and click, and push a button to quickly call up checklists, approach charts and systems data, or alter the flight plan from the PlaneView screen.

Gulfstream in 2002 was the first business jet manufacturer to earn Federal Aviation Administration approval of its advanced flight deck, which was developed with Honeywell.

The PlaneView platforms are continually upgraded to incorporate the newest technologies, and because of the system architecture, it’s a simple process to push those updates to existing PlaneView flight decks.

That makes a PlaneView cockpit capable of receiving future navigation advancements that haven’t yet been designed.

See how Gulfstream remains a technology leader

Health and Trend Monitoring

Health and Trend Monitoring

The Gulfstream G650 and G650ER distinguish themselves with another innovation―PlaneConnect Health and Trend Monitoring™ (HTM). For the first time in a business jet, real-time, parametric data is collected in flight and transmitted directly to preselected reviewers, including Gulfstream technicians and operators.

Advanced Vision Systems

Vision Systems

Gulfstream was the first civilian aircraft manufacturer to successfully develop and certify the nose-mounted infrared Enhanced Vision System™ (EVS), improving flight safety and situational awareness for pilots.

Symmetry Flight Deck

Symmetry Flight Deck

The all-new G500 and G600 represent the dawn of a new era in flight deck design, integration, functionality, ergonomics and even aesthetics. Gulfstream’s Advanced Aircraft Program group has forever changed the way pilots aviate, navigate and communicate.



Improving how fast and how far an aircraft flies requires more than engineering a better way to make a jet soar. It also includes examining―even to a molecular level―every material used in manufacturing aircraft to develop something more advanced.