Gulfstream Symmetry Flight Deck

Piloting Perfected

Aviate, navigate and communicate like never before with the Gulfstream Symmetry Flight Deck™.


Designed for the Gulfstream G500 and Gulfstream G600, the flight deck ushers in a new era in cockpit design, integration, functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics. Flight crews immerse themselves in a workstation that is more an extension of self than ever before possible. The intelligent design leverages active control sidesticks and touch-screen technology, both industry firsts. And the Symmetry Flight Deck is designed to accept continual upgrades and incorporate future navigation advancements.

Immersive Intelligent Integration

Pilots will be drawn to the active control sidesticks. The controls replace the traditional pedestal-mounted yoke and provide increased visibility of the avionics suite and improved pilot comfort. Unlike other sidesticks on the market, Gulfstream’s active control sidesticks are digitally linked to provide visual and tactile control inputs in concert to improve situational awareness. The active control sidesticks are ergonomically mounted where a pilot’s arm and hand naturally rest and angled for easier use.


The 10 touch-screen controllers vastly reduce the number of switches on the flight deck. The tablet-based interfaces intelligently and intuitively structure avionics input options to match only the tasks appropriate to the phase of flight the aircraft is in at that point in the mission. And the controller panels are equipped with ergonomic frames to stabilize the pilot’s hand while he or she uses the touch screens.

The new innovations complement the Intelligence-by-Wire™ system for intelligent, immersive integration and demonstrate once again why Gulfstream is renowned for delivering tomorrow’s flight experience today.

An Aviation Renaissance


The Symmetry Flight Deck is an office conducive to the work pilots perform.

The touch-screen controllers can act as a radio, display flight plans, perform systems checks—just about anything required to fly the aircraft. The absence of control columns frees space for foldout work desks and for the adjustable perforated leather crew seats.

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